Red Sox


  • The King of the Hereford Breed!!! To say Red Sox first crop of pigs was a success would be A serious understatement. Red Sox absolutely set the Hereford shows on fire this year. Red Sox is
    tremendous in his skeletal build and structure. He can get out and motor with ease and his extra extension Ahead of his blade allows him to show
    off with a flashy look. He’s stout boned and heavy muscled and has been bringing HYPE to Hereford hogs so if your looking to use the most potent sire in the breed, use Red Sox!!!!

Let's Roll x Better Be Ready
Bred by Adm Hendricks

REG #151807 EN: 3-6

$100/dose $50/dose
$50/dose Overrun



Red Sox

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Red SoxRed Sox



























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