Flat Bill


  • This on is extra tall fronted, extended who’s head and neck carriage is unique for a Hampshire. He draws this into a massive chest floor and huge blade while being jet level in his spine!! But what makes Flatbill even more impressive is the fact he sets down on a near perfect hip and hind leg while being stout boned, but very flat and clean in His joint work, and is square and true in his foot. Some like to group boars into the title of gilt, barrow or boar maker but this summer Flatbill’s offspring proved that he can do both. This one is consistent and proven!

Hats Off 14-8 x Sterling Silver
Bred by Mike & George Watson
Stress Negative

EN: 1-3 Reg. # 483659003

$50/dose Overrun



Flat Bill

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Flat Bill







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