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Our primary goal at A Cut Above is to help our customers reach maximum success.  We are continually investing in sires who are genetically and phenotypically superior.  We recently expanded our facilities and added a new boar barn.  Chris Shinker and Danielle Kaliff continue to provide top costumer service and boar care.  They along with Scott Hadcock form a great team at A Cut Above.  Dad and I are excited about the expansion and invite anyone passing by to stop and take a look at our new facilities, boars and show pigs.  Thanks to the many friends who have purchased pigs and semen in the past year.  We wish you all the best of luck and hope everyone has a great fall season.


-Jason Hirschfeld





Recent News


  • Click Here to View to New 2014 Spring Catalog!!
  • Thanks to everyone who came out for the April 12th ACA Showpig Sale and helped make it a success!
  • The Boar Stud is now offering off-season pricing on semen. Please Contact Us for off-season rates.
  • A new Farrowing Date Calculator has been added to the website. It can be found on our Breeding Resources page and you simply just need to enter your breeding date and a farrowing date will be calculated!\